Establishing brand as a relationship

Posted by Stephanie Zanin on 2/14/17 12:49 PM

In a world full of commoditized products, creating an emotional connection that sets your brand apart from competitors is more important than ever before. But a marketer’s concept of exactly what a brand is can greatly shape how they approach this challenge.

Over the past 20 years, the marketing and advertising industry has shifted away from thinking about branding as a series of promises, messages, and visual assets pushed out to consumers. Today, there's an understanding that brands are inseparable from the dynamic experiences that are built around them; experiences with the power to engage customers in a two-way relationship. Many now consider the customer’s experience to be the new brand (perhaps the word “new” is a stretch, since the entertainment industry has understood this for decades).


Topics: Brand Planning, Understanding Your Customer, CX/Customer Experience

Behavioral science and market research

Posted by Campos Inc on 2/13/17 7:14 PM

Some of the industry’s most vocal proponents of behavioral study and its effects on marketing speak each year at the IIeX Behavioral Marketing Forum about why understanding what people do—and not what they say they’ll do—is so important to the future of product development and communications.


Topics: Behavioral Economics, Understanding Your Customer

The Super Bowl story, as told on social

Posted by Emily Hayes on 2/7/17 3:29 PM

Not only did the Patriots pull off the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history to win the game, but the Falcons also got blitzed by the Pats in social mentions on Twitter, blogs, and forums, from Super Bowl Sunday to midday yesterday.

The Patriots brought in nearly 4 million mentions on social media, whereas the Falcons were just shy of 1 million mentions, at 980,000. The Falcons squeaked by, though, in sentiment: analyzed per team mentions, a slight majority of social Super Bowl commentary on the team was positive, in contrast to feelings about the Pats, at 4-in-10. 

Based on our analysis of data sourced and aggregated with Sysomos


Topics: Secondary Research, Data

The fight of our lives: Social Warfare | 2017 Top Trends

Posted by Alice Greene on 2/2/17 10:02 AM

Tribes, trolls, and “fake news” are the weapons of choice in the rapid-fire war being waged in our hyper-connected world. By tribes, I mean those red and blue algorithm-driven “echo chambers” that hardened their boundaries in the run up to last year’s election. Now, with national emotions running high, these self-propelling social media “bubbles” are working themselves into lathers, and brand equity can get trashed or transformed faster than you can summon an Uber. My heart goes out to any marketing communications professionals having to send split-second salvos amidst landmines that ignite vast networks.


Topics: Consumer Trends

“Adulting Hard!” Using Data Science to Learn the Why and How of this Millennial Trend

Posted by Megan Risdal on 8/25/16 12:04 PM
When you hear someone sigh (or tweet) the phrase, “Adulting is soo hard,” you immediately know you’re listening to a Millennial. Ever the wordsmiths, Generation Y young adults have turned the noun “adult” into a verb (to adult) and back into a noun (adulting). As one of the American Dialect Society’s nominated words of the year in 2015, the popular word is a sign of the times. In this blog post, I take a data-driven approach to understanding this phenomenon using some natural language processing techniques.

Topics: Data Integration, Data

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