Data Matters in CX Planning…Until It Doesn't

Posted by Garret Drexler on 6/1/17 10:43 AM

The first step of customer experience planning should always be data analysis. The slicing and dicing of years and years of complicated data may sound cumbersome, but it’s incredibly valuable. Some of that data is structured and easily quantifiable, such as sales data, CRM, transactional data, and customer demographics. Much of it is unstructured, like website discussion boards or social listening.

Together, the structured and unstructured data gives us the lay of the land by determining the number of different journeys your customers may be on with your brand. Data defines the long-term value of each journey, tying each customer to their revenue stream and allowing us to prioritize the customers who provide the most value or customers whose experiences need the most help. 

But we can’t use customer data analysis alone. 


Topics: Understanding Your Customer, Customer Journey, CX/Customer Experience

4 Tough Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Brand

Posted by Stephanie Zanin on 5/24/17 10:37 AM

Working on a particular brand or brands day after day, we become attached to them in ways that others may not be. It’s a natural human response when we’re invested in the work we do.

However, for the sake of the brands that we build and hope to continue to build, it’s important that we pause from time to time to objectively ask some big, tough questions.


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How Good CX Planning Will Impact Your Business

Posted by Garret Drexler on 5/18/17 12:56 AM

People are empowered with tools for learning about, finding, and purchasing products like never before. And even beyond the purchase, the incentive to share their experience of a product or service has never been higher, nor the capacity to do so easier.

Brands and businesses are fast learning that, rather than just reacting to the journeys that consumers devise for themselves, there's a role for them in shaping their customers’ path to engagement. They know they must define, design, and refine their customers’ journeys to attract them and keep them.

But, how?


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On the Mark! Fun with Predictive Scoring Models

Posted by Emily Hayes on 5/10/17 3:09 PM

As data geeks, there is nothing quite as thrilling as building a predictive model that nails the EXACT outcome of an event or client initiative. We even do it just for fun.

Take this past Sunday's Pittsburgh Marathon, for example. A group of us signed up to run, and then decided, "Let's try and predict the average finish time this year!" So, we built a simple model based on eight years' worth of race data and boldly published our prediction on our blog last week: that, based on the forecasted race-day temperature of 54 degrees, the average Pittsburgh Marathon finish time would be 4 hours and 33 minutes. This week, we've got the results.


Topics: Secondary Research, Data, Social Media Listening

The Pittsburgh Marathon results are in! ( the data, that is!)

Posted by Emily Hayes on 5/5/17 11:50 AM

It’s that time of the year again: race season! Every year during the first weekend of May, thousands of runners from across the world take to the streets of Pittsburgh to run 13.1 or 26.2 miles through some of our favorite city neighborhoods. And this year, we thought it would be fun to predict the average finish time of the Pittsburgh marathoner. So, here it is:


Topics: Secondary Research, Data, Social Media Listening

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