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Honoring a New Nobel Laureate: Thank You, Richard Thaler. You Changed the Way I Think Forever

Posted by A.J. Drexler on 10/10/17 5:42 PM

In the spring of 2008, I had a client who was working with the CDC. Together, they posed this question to me: "How can we get a significant mass of people to complete a diabetes risk assessment online?" Believe it or not, this had not yet been done. While there was significant online activity around diabetes education, there was no site where someone who wondered could actually complete a risk assessment and get an immediate result.


Topics: Behavioral Economics, Understanding Your Customer

Customers, Not Marketers, Build Brand Experiences

Posted by A.J. Drexler on 3/28/17 8:00 AM

As much as we think we can rationally imagine how our customer is going to get from Point A to Point Z, they continually surprise us.

A perfect case in point: I have a friend who was a camp director. Over his career, he had the opportunity to build a lot of new buildings in various camps. In the years that I knew him, he always did the same thing: He built the building or venue, but no sidewalks or paths to get there.


Topics: Understanding Your Customer, Customer Journey, CX/Customer Experience

How Optimism Can Kill You—and the ROI of Your Campaign

Posted by A.J. Drexler on 3/11/17 8:34 PM
I am captivated by the field of behavioral economics, where psychology and economics are merging to provide us with tremendous insights to be applied to our work with consumers. It’s not that marketing and advertising folks weren’t already using these principals intuitively. But, prior to its organization as a defined science with the support of research, it was much harder for us to quantify the expected results.

Topics: Behavioral Economics

PA Issues a Bold New Challenge Today: Pursue Your Happiness!

Posted by A.J. Drexler on 3/9/16 12:00 AM

After an amazing, year-long creative journey (that started and ended with consumer research), Red House Communications and the Pennsylvania Tourism Partnership announced the long-awaited new Pennsylvania brand.


Topics: Brand Planning

Customer Journey Is the New Brand

Posted by A.J. Drexler on 2/26/16 3:57 PM

For anyone who missed it, I want to recommend what I believe to be a pivotal article of the last year. In the November edition of the Harvard Business Review, David Edelman and Marc Singer offer some of the most interesting and cogent observations on Customer Journey Planning that I have read this year—or any year: “Competing on Customer Journeys.

I highly recommend you read the whole article, and, to motivate you to do so, here’s the spoiler: According to Edelman and Singer, customer journeys are “…becoming central to the customer’s experience of a brand—and as important as the products themselves in providing competitive advantage.” Pretty compelling stuff. But, if that’s not enough to get you to download the whole article, here is a quick summary:


Topics: Understanding Your Customer, Customer Journey

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