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Posted by Emily H on Dec 11, 2015 3:30:00 PM, Last updated 02/06/2018
Emily H

As a recent college graduate, I would sometimes think back and ask myself, “Why did I ever take that random gen-ed class about Russian fairytales, and how did the school know that students would be interested in taking a course like this?” Now I know it’s because they did a market potential study–program demand research–before finalizing the approval of offering this and other seemingly strange courses.

Program demand research enables a strong program development strategy by helping determine whether there is sufficient student demand to launch a new program or course prior to spending serious money and resources on it.

program-demand-research.jpgNow that I’m an “adult” and a part of the working world, I find it pretty cool that I get to do this type of work with our CamposCOURSE-SURE product. Through an online survey administered to potential students—domestic and international—we can estimate market potential, enrollment, and optimal pricing of the proposed program. In addition, we are able to measure respondent attitudes toward competitive courses and programs, as well as identify key drivers and messages that influence students to apply to the proposed course or program in order to contribute to the school’s messaging and communications.

I was recently able to see first-hand how beneficial this type of study can be. We have used this model for one of our higher education clients, a well-known four-year institution in California, to successfully predict market demand for 15 innovative and cutting-edge graduate programs. The University could confidently move forward with their decision to launch a new program after gaining some market validation from our study. academic program demand analysis

Another great example with the same school was one case where we found that the suggested program did not gain interest from potential students with a price point that was much too high. Knowing this, we recommended the institution not follow through with the program and, in effect, were able to save the University a great deal of money–imagine if they had gone through with the program and realized down the road that it was a flop! 

Higher education institutions are constantly looking to provide students with the most innovative courses. In order to avoid taking a huge risk, academic program demand analysis is fast becoming a tool that institutions look to when designing their enrollment planning process. 

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