Brand Strategy? Or Brand Identity? Let's Review.

Posted by Stephanie Zanin on 4/5/18 12:57 PM, Last updated 04/05/2018
Stephanie Zanin

Brand Identity Strategy MarketingWe’re all guilty of using jargon and insider short-hand when talking about our areas of expertise. Marketers are perhaps more guilty of this than any other group. As a brand and communication strategist, one of the short-hand terms that I find causes the most confusion is the broad and multitudinous use of the word “brand.”

Sometimes the word is used to reference brand identity; other times, brand strategy; and still other times, it’s used more broadly to encompass the entire brand experience.

We’ve touched on brand experience in other posts. But I find that the difference between brand strategy and brand identity is a critical distinction that often comes up in my conversations with clients. When I get a phone call or email from a client inquiring about Campos’s ability to help with their brand, my first question is always aimed at clarifying the need: Are you looking to define or refine your brand strategy, brand identity or both?

Want to better understand the difference? Need to know why both are foundational to your organization’s branding efforts?


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