What is CX Planning?

Posted by Garret Drexler on 4/7/17 1:20 PM, Last updated 08/26/2017
Garret Drexler
Just as organizations realized, over the last thirty or forty years, that a deep understanding of brand could provide significant financial value to organizations, so it is with customer experience planning today.

Recent studies by Gartner, Forrester, and Maritz all indicate the leading organizations are more than doubling their investment in understanding and planning their customer experiences over the current five-year period.

But what is it?

At its core, CX planning starts from the recognition that a customer’s relationship with a product (or service, team, celebrity, community, etc.) is fundamentally the same – an ongoing relationship that incorporates not only discovering and buying a product, but reevaluating it, sharing it, and experiencing the brand over and over.

These relationships always happen, regardless of whether marketers think about them or not. Customers construct their own journeys – in new, evolving ways – and these self-directed journeys shape how they experience brands.

Smart marketers recognize this relationship and try to react to it. Yet, as much as we think we can imagine how customers go from Point A to Point Z, customers continually surprise us. The smartest marketers use research to create a strategic framework that allows them to map, plan, and innovate their customer experience to proactively direct customer experiences.

That strategic framework is what we develop in CX planning. It’s about understanding the journeys customers are creating, discovering the motivating needs that drive that experience, and actively designing the types of experiences that fulfill the customer’s needs.

We guide you through the customer experience planning process and illustrate how this has worked for clients in three industries–healthcare, foodservice, and higher education–in our free report below. 

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