Millennial Women Have a Lot to Say About Health and Healthcare

Posted by Campos on 5/19/16 12:15 PM, Last updated 12/19/2018

While there are mountains of articles and research about Millennial women–how they interact with brands, their perceptions of politicians, etc.–there is surprisingly little available on this group and their relationship to health and healthcare.

Recently, Alice and I had the opportunity to attend "Hot for Your Health," a lifestyle networking experiencing focusing on the crossroads of creativity, health and technology, created by Dr. Vonda Wright, designed to get Millennials thinking about the future direction of their health in new ways.

millennial women healthcare

Quotes–like the one above, taken from a qualitative research project on the topic of Millennial women’s health that Campos did in collaboration with Dr. Wright–were integrated into the event.

Millennial women healthcareThroughout the evening, many young women we were talking with commented on how much the research findings (which were released in part at the event) and specific quotes resonated with them personally. There was also discussion about the lack of knowledge many people in health and healthcare have around these issues; notably, some of the findings around prevention and integrative health specific to Millennial women.

One particularly interesting finding from our research with Dr. Wright is that Millennial women are currently putting their energy and resources into preventative health measures, and recognize that this is a radical departure from the current biomedical model of health that is largely reactive to (dis)ease.

And, this group seems to have a deep desire to change this! What was truly unique about this event was Dr. Wright’s passion to continue research and advocacy for this group of women, the largest generational cohort in U.S. history.

millennial women healthcare

It is fascinating to think how much influence and change this group of women can have on how we understand, interact with, and contribute to our individual and collective health.

We are excited to partner with Dr. Vonda Wright as she continues to inspire and motivate women all over the country to have agency over their health in truly exceptional ways.

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