Looking Good on the Outside Starts on the Inside

Posted by Campos on 3/1/17 9:05 AM, Last updated 12/19/2018

What do we mean when we say “inside-out branding”?

Inside-out-Branding-2017Have you ever been excited to visit a new retail store or restaurant because of what you thought your experience was going to be like, only to be disappointed once you got there? Were your expectations shaped by the media hype and advertising surrounding the opening, but not necessarily by anyone who had actually experienced it for themselves and told you about it?Brands live in the mind of the person who is experiencing them, with every interaction–including advertising and PR–shaping what it means to them. So it may feel natural to approach branding as a purely external exercise, and by asking the question, “What is it that people want from a company like ours?”

Oftentimes, if internal “audiences”–your company’s people–are considered in the brand planning process, they are only asked to provide input from the customer’s perspective to answer this question. (This can threaten your likelihood of success, but we will save that for a future post.)

At Campos, our philosophy is that those on the inside are equally as important as your customers on the outside when it comes to brand planning. Your team is vital to shaping a meaningful brand experience for your customer.

That’s inside-out branding. It’s a research-first approach taken to ensure your company’s vision and values, true culture, beliefs, and approach are the foundation for your brand strategy. For us, it is the first place we start when working on a rebrand or brand refresh project: from the inside out.

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