Top Trends for 2016: the Millennial Donor

Posted by Alice Greene on 3/9/16 12:28 PM, Last updated 03/28/2017
Alice Greene

Handing a stack of checks worth $10,000+ to a hardworking charitable cause makes for a really good day. That privilege is mine as a co-leader of 100 Women Who Care Pittsburgh, which was founded last year as a way to bring one hundred women together for one night each quarter to have them choose a charity and then issue $100 checks: 100 x $100 = $10,000. We exceeded that sum after our second gathering. Our most recent total, given to Jeremiah's Place, hit $10,700.

The speed of our success over just three meetings surprises even us! But it shouldn’t, because the format really fits today’s donor. (I can’t take credit; kudos to my co-leader and to the founders of the original 100 Women Who Care and the many other giving circles that have preceded ours.)

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First, donors can feel they are making an impact. This is a top reason why Millennials become part of an organization that requires donations of some type. They can see their checks combine with others’ to produce a big enough sum to make a difference.

Second, members get to convene socially with others, and the more, the merrier. Today’s younger donors don’t want exclusive access; they want inclusive collaboration.

Third, in a time of mass customization, when the web enables community around very specific hobbies and interests, 100 Women Who Care lets members virtually handpick the charity to support.

Engaging Millennials today is the key ensuring sustainability for your membership organization. We allow under-35-year-olds to donate just $35 each quarter as a way to engage them at their current earning levels, and we’re proud that about 15% of our 150+ active members are under 35. You may find it reassuring that some of our Millennials are able, and choose, to give at the $100 level. Contrary to myth, Millennials do separate from their money!

Download this Campos trend brief to learn more about this top consumer trend, and how you can “re-boot” your organization to embrace the emergent donor:

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