Rio 2016: We Scored the Trends in the Online Chatter

Posted by Campos on 8/22/16 4:03 PM, Last updated 12/19/2018
Rio scores a win! So, say those who took part in over 13 million online conversations about the Olympics on Twitter, blogs, and in forums over the course of the Summer Games. We listened in–from the Opening Ceremony through last night’s closing celebration–and ranked the overall sentiment of Olympics online chatter as favorable (25% positive and 56% neutral). That’s a win, especially in light of the number of issues that arose leading up to–and during–the event.

Team USA finished on top with a 121 medals, 46 of which were gold, so it’s no surprise that the United States was the most talked about country on social, followed by host country, Brazil:

Social Media Mentions Olympics Countries Secondary Research

The many athlete “firsts” and “lasts” this year included Simone Biles’s first Olympic gold medal, and Michael Phelps’s last Olympic race, earning him a spot as one of the most decorated Olympians of all time. Fans from around the world took to social media to talk about these historic moments. Michael Phelps was the most talked about athlete during the Olympics, with just over 1 million mentions, followed by Usain Bolt in second place (no!) and Simone Biles in third (never!).

Social Media Mentions Olympics Athletes Secondary Research

As for the events, "swimming" scored the most mentions on Twitter, blogs, and in forums, with over 630,000 mentions. The silver goes to "gymnastics," and "basketball" gets the bronze.

Top Keywords Social Media Olympics Secondary Research

So, what were they saying? “Gold,” “2016,” “medal,” “Games,” and “team” were the top key words in conversations about swimming events, and "Phelps" was the only athlete’s name to appear in swimming chatter, which makes complete sense, as he was also the most talked about athlete at the Olympic Games.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do, now that I can’t watch the world’s greatest athletes compete on TV every night after work. My next best option is to relive some of the highlights and greatest moments through the more than 13 million mentions of the Games online since the Opening Ceremony.


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