Top Trends: The Marketing Opportunity of the Decade Is the "Premium Single"

Posted by Alice Greene on 2/5/16 10:57 AM, Last updated 04/29/2017
Alice Greene

Perennial beer ads this year are oriented to the formidable (designer brand) handbags of the millennial females we’re calling Premium Singles. Coors Light announced a “dual-gender campaign" that features women as mountaineers and yogis, while a Heineken’s ad suggests modern women will be more attracted to men who drink less, and Bud Light headlines the ultimate in the young empowered female–Amy Schumer–alongside Seth Rogan. These campaigns reflect that women represent twenty-five percent of the beer category–and 30% of the growing craft brew category.

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The share-of-pocketbook fight is also in play on the couch: Wine sales have been steadily growing faster than beer sales, especially around Super Bowl time, a “reflection of the changing preferences of younger fans and an increase in women who watch the country’s biggest sporting event,” according to The New York Times

Taking advantage of this independence and increased income, they are also buying homes and furnishing them at unprecedented rates–and they are 24% more likely than men to shop for home furnishings at premium brands such as Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel. Secondary research shows that millennial women are earning more college degrees today compared to their millennial male counterparts, and this educated segment of the generation is marrying and having children later than ever before. Marrying at 30 as compared to 20, Premium Singles average at least $20,000 more per year in income.

Advertiser beware, however: Social media monitoring related to the Heineken ads, in which women sing the song, “I Need a Hero,” as they walk away from inebriated men, reveals, “Why do only women need heroes? That ad is sexist.” 

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