3 Companies that Nailed Inside-Out Branding

Posted by Stephanie Zanin on 3/13/17 1:11 PM

Which brands can marketers look to as mentors as they strive to align vision, values, and behaviors of their own organization with their brand promise to consumers? After our recent post on inside-out branding, I got to thinking about those that have excelled at building their brand around their company culture and values to deliver truly authentic experiences. Here are three of my favorites:


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Looking Good on the Outside Starts on the Inside

Posted by Campos on 3/1/17 9:05 AM

What do we mean when we say “inside-out branding”?

Have you ever been excited to visit a new retail store or restaurant because of what you thought your experience was going to be like, only to be disappointed once you got there? Were your expectations shaped by the media hype and advertising surrounding the opening, but not necessarily by anyone who had actually experienced it for themselves and told you about it?


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Establishing Brand as a Relationship

Posted by Stephanie Zanin on 2/14/17 12:49 PM

In a world full of commoditized products, creating an emotional connection that sets your brand apart from competitors is more important than ever before. But a marketer’s concept of exactly what a brand is can greatly shape how they approach this challenge.


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Millennials Find Authentic Brands Are Something to Believe In

Posted by Alice Greene on 4/27/16 2:31 PM

by Alice Greene

Remember when Ben and Jerry got arrested?

Having been unafraid to wrap their brand around more than one lightning rod–the "Save Our Swirled" flavor last year was to bring awareness to climate change, and "I Dough, I Dough" honored gay marriage–it seems these men sacrificed themselves in protest because of their deeply held personal values.

Still, the Boomer cynic might see it as a publicity stunt. Indeed, the company promptly put out a press release, touting the organization’s “passion for social justice” always having been “baked right into everything we’ve ever done.”


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Telling Your Brand Story

Posted by Alice Greene on 4/5/16 2:07 PM

A professor of history at Augustana College has, for the last twenty years, asked students on the first day of class to write a history of the United States in 600 words or less without looking anything up. What he has learned illustrates the decline in our collective ability to write a narrative.

In 1994, most of the submissions were in “The Glory Story” bucket. There was also “The Gory Story,” and the “High Ideals/Mixed Results” compromise. Others simply listed historical events in roughly chronological order. Thinking the students had misunderstood the assignment, he called these the “Chaos Story.” Over the past 15 years of formally tracking the results, the “Chaos Story” form has ascended from very few to 75% of the submissions.


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